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DMX Products

DMX Data Splitter

DMX-512 Data Splitters are available as either four or eight way out. A DMX through is standard. They are powered by an IEC lead. Power and data are indicated by LED's. These units are also available as a 4 way switchable unit. Data splitters are assembled to your requirements, with either 3 or 5 pin XLRs.

Optically-Isolated Data Splitters

Optically-Isolated Data Splitters come with an optically isolated input as standard. They are available as either 4 or 8 way. They are also available with individually optically isolated outputs.

DMX-512 Relay Cards

Relay Card offers up to 16 DMX controlled relays per driver. These can be used to switch power to a device on and off, or to switch between two power outputs. They can also be used to remote switch DMX to control smoke machines etc. This product is available as a bare board, or we can build to your specifications. CP Solutions is currently manufacturing 100 relay boards for a company in Malta for the use of firing pyrotechnics.

DMX-512 Merger

CPSolutions DMX-512 Merger takes two lines of DMX in, and merges them to create one line of DMX out. This merger is available as either Highest Takes Precedence or Latest takes Precedence. The second input is addressable via a 9 position dip switch

DMX Offset

The DMX Offset box takes a DMX stream in, and then regenerates that stream from any given offset. The DMX offset unit is ideal for cheap LED fixtures and strobes which cannot be addressed over the full 512 channels.