Customised Project Solutions also has a wide range of hoists, traverse and revolve systems available


We can also custom design and build to your requirements.

Chain Hoists


CPSolutions can provide the complete range of GIS Electric Chain Hoists and Lifting Equipment. The GIS Electric Chain Hoist has been manufactured in Switzerland for over 50 years and GIS has developed a reputation for the exceptional quality and reliability of its lifting equipment. GIS continues to be at the forefront of innovation and design in the electric chain hoist industry.



  • reliable, also during extreme conditions
  • easy to operate
  • brake system practically maintenance free
  • wear resistance of brake and clutch

 Load capacity

  • very high duty factor according to FEM ratings
  • lifting heights up to 120 m or more


  • well-balanced in every position


  • very high duty factor and percentage operating factor without immediate overheating of the motor

 Slipping clutch

  • slipping clutch engineered against overload only
  • maximum safety thanks to separate limit stops
  • 42 V low voltage control on all models
  • electrical limit switch for upper and lower hook positions as standard


meets the requirements of the standards
BGV D8, BGV D8 Plus and BGV C1

Drum Hoists


With automation becoming asked for more and more in the entertainment industry CPSolutions has designed a range of hoists to suit any application. Our hoists range from the 125kg zero fleet performer fly through to a 500 kg two meters per second hoist.

All of our hoists are design to meet or exced current standards in most of the world including BVG C1, NZ/AS 1418 

Pile Wind Hoists


The CPSolutions pile wind hoists are designed to be compact and safe. With a range of weight capacities and flexibility with the amount of wires are hoists are will suit any application. 

Pile wind hoists are an ideal solution for schools, smaller venues and retail outlets for banners, small trusses and lighting bars. Perfect for installations where access to a three phase power supply is problematic or space is of a premium.


· Compact dimensions
· Robust and lightweight construction
· WLL: 125kg / 250kg / 500kg
· Number of rope outputs: 2 to 6 line as standard
· Nominal winching speed: 4 m/min
· Nominal drum capacity: 12 metres
· Design factor 10:1
· Self sustaining worm gearbox with brake unit
· Electric limit switch (4 position as standard, 6 position available)
· Electrical Options: Supplied with either pendant, wall mount control panel
· Power supply: 220V 1ph 50Hz or 415V 3ph 50hz
· Low voltage control circuit as standard
· Tested and certified with owners manual
· Designed and manufactured to NZ/AS 1418,BS7905 -1

Traverse System


Through the development of our automation system we asked to be able to traverse as well as lift. Through this CPSolutions has developed a traversing system that is fast and easy to install and can be used on standard I beams. 

To date the traversing system has been used on many show including New Zealand Music awards which had 6 LED screens all traversing and traveling up and down. All of the positioning information was sent to video world to achieve the images tracking across the screens.



As per a lot of our products the revolve system came about from NZ Opera needing to update and improve their current revolve drive system. Through this we have developed a revolve drive that is compact and easy to install and can be either stand alone or integrated into CPAP our control system.