Over the years Customised Project Solutions has grown a reputation for our in house engineering design and build projects for the entertainment industry. 

One of our larger projects was the construction of two large set pieces for the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony. These were presented to us as a concept and our team took the project from concept drawings right through to operating them for the production. The boats were 10m high by 10m long when on the field and needed to fit through a 4m high by 2.4 wide entrance.



Customised Project Solutions has the in house abilities to be able to assist you with any engineering projects weather it be small or large. We have a proven track record both in the entertainment industry and in wider industry. Past project have involved structural and machinical engineering components.



With our in house facilities we can provide steel and aluminium fabrication of any size. Within pir workshop we have MIG and TIG welding facilities for welding steel, ally and stainless products. with the aditions of our mill and lathe we have the capabilities to assit with all your needs.

We also have relationships with a range of CNC companies ranging from plasma cutting, laser cutting and water cutting that