CP Solutions has developed a range of NMEA-0183 devices to assist with data management and processing on boats of all sizes. These include NMEA Multiplexers, and NMEA to WiFi datagates, allowing localised transmission to Smartphones and Tablets.

Simple to set up, the NMEA to WIFI unit has 2 NMEA inputs which are multiplexed to a single high speed data output this then transmits NMEA 0183 data over WIFI for viewing on a smart phone or tablet that has a suitable App or a PC Navigation program and provides 2 way communication between the WIFI device and any suitable NMEA devices. 

With CP Solutions NMEA to WIFI, anyone on the vessel is able can view all the navigation data on deck via a mobile device and for boats with the chart plotter at the helm you can check all the critical navigation data down below, making your boating safer.